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The Making of Jimi, Pt. 2

30″x40″ – Acrylic This is the 3rd piece in a series of paintings from my personal stash of paintings. The other two pieces of the series are of Wiz Khalifa and Andre 3000. I don’t have a title of the second Jimi Hendrix painting yet because I haven’t completed it. I painted the first piece over a year ago on a smaller canvas and I wanted to go larger this time. The picture I chose is a familiar photo of […]

The Making of J. Timberlake

Size: 20″x 20″ You know how a particular song gets stuck in your head and you play it continuously until your ears are ready to close shut? Well, that was me playing “Suit & Tie” religiously over this past July. I didn’t buy Justin’s album but I did buy the single…a year and some change after the release. #DontJudgeMe

The Making of Sam Cooke: Untitled

This piece came about from my very first painting I completed of Marvin Gaye. The piece was hanging on my wall for some time until a few weeks ago I thought I would give Marvin some musical company. I wanted to select another great singer from “back in the day” who also had a well known voice so Sam Cooke it was. I chose to  use colors that were similar to the Marvin Gaye painting. I also wanted to choose colors […]

The Making of Mr. Black and Yellow

Acrylic – 30″x40″ – I had recently bought a new canvas with no idea of who I wanted to paint. Most of my previous works are of deceased musicians and I didn’t want to go that route with this canvas surprisingly. It wasn’t until days before the Wiz Khalifa concert I bought tickets for did I decide on a painting subject. I don’t know very many of his songs but I am familiar with him and his style intrigued. I’ve always […]

The Making of Free Angela

Acrylic – 30″ x 36″ I switched up this painting and went with mixed media. I told my mother that I wanted to try something different with this painting and she mentioned decoupage. I had never heard of the term so I Googled it and liked the idea. A couple of people suggested that I create a painting of Angela Davis next and it also coincided with the “Free Angela” documentary that was currently released.

The Making of Silky Soul Singer

Acrylic – 11″x 14″

I’m very excited to blog about my first painting after a mental battle of wanting to paint but not knowing the first thing about painting. I’ve always admired painter’s work and contemplated painting for quite some time until one day I decided to go to Texas Art Supply and buy what I needed to start painting. Needless to say I picked up the paint brush for the first time in January and have loved painting ever since.