Acrylic – 11″x 14″

I’m very excited to blog about my first painting after a mental battle of wanting to paint but not knowing the first thing about painting. I’ve always admired painter’s work and contemplated painting for quite some time until one day I decided to go to Texas Art Supply and buy what I needed to start painting. Needless to say I picked up the paint brush for the first time in January and have loved painting ever since.

I got the idea to paint a photo of Marvin Gaye from a previous digital collage I created of Marvin and the singer Maxwell. I say a prayer before every painting I create but for the first one I was simply praying that it comes out looking something like Marvin, lol. What a personal tragedy it would have been if I painted it and nobody recognized it was him? My mother was the first person I showed it to and she guessed it immediately so that soothed my soul to know that I got it right the first time. I was pleased with the finished product of my very first painting so I am excited to see what the rest of my painting future holds.