Acrylic – 20″ x 20″ – Well since my Marvin Gaye painting worked out for me, I decided to continue with the theme of musical legends. I’m sure we can all find a graphic design or painting of Jimi Hendrix so I decided to add to the art mix and create my own.

Whenever I here the name Jimi Hendrix, I automatically think of Purple Haze so that’s the creative route I went for this painting. After searching through several images on Google, I opted to use an up close photo of Jimi since so many are of him playing his guitar. I figured it was a no brainer that if I were painting something called Purple Haze, that majority of the colors should be…purple. I think the Jimi Hendrix painting is my most popular painting to date so I guess I’ll paint another in the future once I get more paintings under my belt.