Location: Warehouse Live
Opening Acts: I didn’t get their names but it seems like every opening rapper brought out 20 of his closest friends and they all rapped the one rapper’s verse. (I’m just sayin)
Invited Guests: Scarface

Highs: See above. I grew up on Scarface/Geto Boys, UGK, and West Coast rap so when Nipsey brought out Scarface to say a few words, I was glad. Love to see the young rappers pay homage.
Lows: The Moet champagne sprinkle/shower from Nipsey was a bit unexpected but I’m grateful none got on my camera.
In Between: One moment that sticks out was when Houston Rockets guard James Harden lowkey became Nipsey’s hypeman on his song H-Town. It was kinda cute to see Harden so hype but they’re both LA boys so I can dig it.
Shoutouts: Thank you Trevor, Lisa, and Brandon and the rest of the good folks of Day & A Dream Magazine


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