Acrylic – 30″ x 36″

I switched up this painting and went with mixed media. I told my mother that I wanted to try something different with this painting and she mentioned decoupage. I had never heard of the term so I Googled it and liked the idea. A couple of people suggested that I create a painting of Angela Davis next and it also coincided with the “Free Angela” documentary that was currently released.

Originally, I had one photo in mind to paint and started on that particular photo but changed  a few days into the painting. The original idea I had in mind wasn’t striking enough to me so I decided to go with a photo of Angela at a rally speaking to a large crowd.  This photo striked me the most to be the best representation of what you think of when you hear the name Angela Davis. I knew I didn’t want to use a lot of color on this piece so I decided on making it black & white considering most of the photos from that era were black & white. I chose the red color because I wanted to choose a color that contrasted the black & white well. What better color than red? I closed out the painting with a quote I thought that best pertained to the world currently.