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I currently offer 4 services: Portrait Sessions, Event Photography, Event Videography, and Apparel Design/Heat Press Vinyl. Commissioned Paintings are not available at this time. In addition to those services I have an online shop where I sale merchandise of my artwork.
YES - I am currently operating services in a limited capacity. Photo Sessions and Events services are still available, but please complete the service inquiry providing me with details and I will contact you in 24-48 hours upon receipt.
YES - I press vinyl on t-shirts and other fabric materials using my heat press. I do NOT print t-shirts. Meaning if you have a photo you want pressed on a t-shirt, I do not have a printer to print the photo first then press the photo on a t-shirt. Starting January 1, 2023: 1) There will be a 5 shirt minimum on ALL orders. 2) There will be an $25-$75 artwork fee applied to your order if a) you do not have a design already provided or b) the artwork you submit needs to be edited.
NO - I have discontinued Wedding Photography services. I do not have the time commitment to focus on Weddings anymore.
NO - I have discontinued Graphic Design services to focus on creating custom designs for my online store.



The first step is to complete the inquiry form on the website. After completing the inquiry form, a link will be provided to you for booking.
Payment is made via our Honeybook link
A non-refundable $50 deposit is required to book that will count toward your session/event. Photography/Event Photography: Full payment is due before or by the start of the session/event (unless we have agreed upon a payment arrangement). Videography: Partial payment of 50% of the full amount is required. Paintings: Not currently accepting commissioned paintings. The remaining 50% is due at the completion of the project.
The cancellation deadline is 24 hours prior to your photo session/event for a refund minus the deposit fee. No refund will be provided for canceling within 24 hours or No Call/No Shows.


There are no rules to your personal style. Wear clothes that represent you and who you are. With that said, for photography sessions outside, it's best that your attire compliments the environment you take photos in for maximum visuals. NOTE: 1) The camera picks up wrinkles so make sure your clothes are groomed & comfortable. Definitely keep this in mind when being photographed for graduation photos to steam/iron your gown before your photo session if you are providing your own gown. 2) Ladies don't forget if you are being photographed in heels to bring comfortable shoes to walk in between looks/locations and after your sessions.
Photo sessions are booked from 30 minute to 4 hour sessions. Makeup, hair, and other grooming are to be completed before the photo session begins; unless you are purchasing more session time.
No more than 1 person is allowed to accompany the client. Additional people can become a distraction and prolong the session.
Majority photo sessions are taken on location, but a studio can be rented hourly. If you have an alternate commercial indoor location available, please let me know prior to booking. If you would like for me to come to you, in-home studio options you must have a minimum of 10 ft available space to accommodate photographic setup/equipment. Your space must be pre-approved before the session.
My preference is to shoot during the mornings/late afternoons during the summer months due to Houston's hot weather. Sunlight during the winter months limits photo sessions to no later than 3pm, but outdoor night shoot are available if you choose to.


Once you have made your final selections, I edit those photos for print and however you plan to distribute them. NOTE: Editing photos include making adjustments to the actual photo (i.e. color corrections, contrast, brightness, etc...) Retouching is a more detailed process to the actual subject (i.e. skin blemish removal, fly away hair, remove background, etc.)
A link to a private photo album will be sent to you via text/email within 3-7 business days. From there, you make your final selections for editing.