Acrylic – 30″x40″ – I had recently bought a new canvas with no idea of who I wanted to paint. Most of my previous works are of deceased musicians and I didn’t want to go that route with this canvas surprisingly.

It wasn’t until days before the Wiz Khalifa concert I bought tickets for did I decide on a painting subject. I don’t know very many of his songs but I am familiar with him and his style intrigued. I’ve always loved the photo of him on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine so that’s the image I chose.

Upon starting to sketch the image on the canvas, I forgot Wiz changed his hairstyle to dreads so I wanted to create an updated piece of the magazine cover. Since I changed the hair on the original photo, I decided to change the clothing he had on as well so I searched on the internet for another photo. I went with the album cover of Wiz wearing the white polka dot fur coat, but opted not to add the polka dots so the painting wouldn’t be very busy.

Although Wiz majority of photos of Wiz have a black and yellow color scheme, I wanted to go with a background color that would make the photo stand out. I’ve received several compliments on the color so I think I made a good color choice. This piece has become one of my favorites and I will make more with the similar style.