On my last full day of renting the fish eye lens, I thought what better way to shoot than to load up the truck and hit the road. I was contemplating whether to drive to New Orleans or Austin and the lesser drive time prevailed. I knew if I did a turnaround trip to New Orleans, that would have been a recipe for disaster on Monday because no way I could have partied and made the trip back one day ahead of Fat Tuesday. I would’ve probably ended up being a broke stranded tourist stuck in New Orleans for a few days until my paycheck posted on Friday. Needless to say Austin was the right call.

I woke up Sunday morning in a bit of a fickle because I saw there was a chance of rain and I didn’t want to waste a trip. Luckily I live in Houston and the weather can be the exact opposite of what the meteorologist predict. Well, there was rain along the way but not enough to ruin the trip. We made a quick pit stop to the town of Giddings to get a few camera shots and got to Austin only to find slight rain for most of the time there.

The first random stop was to Antone’s Record Shop. I’ve always loved going to record stores and my brother recently mentioned he wanted to check one out. The next stop was to Hope Outdoor Gallery, the graffiti park. Loved it! After seeing several people post pics of it, I had to see it in person for myself. So much art and free expression how could I not love it? Note to self and anyone reading this,  wear shoes with good supportive soles. I was climbing up hills literally so I wouldn’t slide in the Nike’s I had on. Next time I’m wearing Timberlands, lol. There’s a great chance you might get dirty climbing to the top and possibly muddy like I did. Oh well. After leaving the park we rode around reminiscing from the first trip we took to SXSW and I showed my friend (a native Austinite) a beautiful view from West Austin overlooking the city. The last stop on the day trip was to the food truck park where I had some of the best beignets and jambalaya outside of The Big Easy. I’ll definitely be back soon for an extended stay to take in the city as well as the beautiful Hill Country landscape surrounding the city. Already working on the next day trip. Stay tuned.

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